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Here’s a fantastic video covering the basics of the Neo4j Graph database being used from .NET, including a primer on Graph databases.  He shows how he built a ASP.NET MVC app, with a Neo4j backend, all running in Azure. This isn’t in POC; it’s a production system. Also, unlike most graph DB talks, it’s not a social network!

I love the cypher syntax,

Match me –[:LIKES]->activity<-[:LIKES]-person

Beyond fluent, it’s a pictorial language where you just draw arrows to represent a query.  Amazing.

Tatham Oddie – Neo4j in a .NET world from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

After installing a recent version of Visual Studio, pressing the shift-quote doesn’t type a double quote until you hit it a second time, at which point two double quotes are typed.  Here’s how to be able to type a single double-quote like a normal person with each key press.

How to fix: In Visual Studio, go to TOOLS –> Options –> Environment –> International Settings, change the Language to “Same as Microsoft Windows”.  Hit ok and restart Visual Studio.

Make sure your Windows settings are set correctly: Control Panel –> Region and Language –> Keyboards and Languages –> Change Keyboards…   Set Default Input Language to “English (United States) – US” (Not “English (United States) – United States-International”) .  Hit ok and restart Visual Studio.

Bureaucracy vs Work

David Heinemeier Hansson nailed a perfect description of what happens when you take away control from workers and pile on bureaucracy:

When you treat people like children, you get children’s work. Yet that’s exactly how a lot of companies and managers treat their employees. Employees need to ask permission before they can do anything. They need to get approval for every tiny expenditure. It’s surprising they don’t have to get a hall pass to go take a shit. When everything constantly needs approval, you create a culture of non-thinkers. You create a boss-versus-worker relationship that screams, “I don’t trust you.”

Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

This short animated whiteboard presentation nails the critical points and subtleties of being an agile product owner.  It includes a nice discussion around the conflict and synergy between “Building the Right Thing”, “Building the Thing Right”, and “Building It Fast”.  If you have any questions about how to excel as a product owner or how your product owner can add value for your team, this video answers it all in less than 15 minutes.


Agile Manifesto for enterprise level companies

Half Arsed Agile Manifesto

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