If you need to send more than one value to a controller action from an ajax call, you can wrap those values together into a business object and send that to the controller action. Jquery automagically maps your javascript object to your controller action’s business object. If you’ve sent a fill-grid object from a jqgrid call, you may notice that the syntax is very similar. Here’s how:

In your ajax call be sure your type is Get, your url is set to your dynamically generated MVC controller action, and in your “data” property call a BuildGridObject javascript function, like this:

function LoadSender() {
    url: '',
    success: function(data) {
      // fill the ddl with the data from the json call
      var ddl = $('#ddlTransferTo');
      optionArray = [];
      $.each(data, function(i, option) {
        optionArray[i] = "<option value="&quot; + option.Value + &quot;">" + option.Disp + "</option>";
    data: BuildGridObject (),
    type: "GET",
    dataType: 'json'

In your BuildGridObject function, create a new object and assign the values to the properties you want to send to the controller action. In this example, selected values are pulled from a drop down list. Note: your javascript object won’t have intellisense for the properties of your business object, so you’ll have to copy/paste them manually into the javascript object. Like this:

function BuildGridObject (){
    var objToSend = new Object();
    objToSend.TransferFrom = $('#ddlTransferFrom').val();
    objToSend.TransferTo = $('#ddlRegion').val();
    return objToSend;

Create your business object in the usual place, like this:

namespace Models
    public class Transfer
        public long TransferTo{ get; set; }
        public long TransferFrom { get; set; }

Finally, make sure your controller action accepts the business object in its parameter, like this:

public JsonResult GetList(Transfer transfer)
        returnJson(myBLL.GetScreenerList(transfer.TransferTo, transferTo.TransferFrom));
    catch (Exception ex)
        return HandleError(ex, null);