There are many ways to annoy your audience during a sales presentation, here are just a few:

1. A big freakin’ power point presentation. Everyone loves a lengthy power point presentation, so drag it out for hours, even days.

2. Make sure your slides are as unreadable to the naked eye as microfiche. Cram as much useless and distracting data as you can on each slide, using small fonts and a high resolution if necessary. It’s best to exhaust your audience with eye strain so they associate headaches with your product early on in the process.

2. Do not stop your power point presentation for any reason. If anyone interrupts your presentation, tell them "that’s a very good question, we’ll get back to it" and then don’t.

3. Don’t run your demo off your local hard drive, run your software on an old laptop with an external drive so the prospects see it run as slow as possible.

4. Don’t bother testing your demo before your presentation. If your product blue screens during the demo, no one will mind waiting while you spend several minutes troubleshooting it.

5. Sell software that is so unintuitive that no one, not even you, can figure it out during the demo.

6. Write your emails and IM while the other members of your sales team make their presentations. Don’t bother sitting in the back of the room, neither the presenter nor the prospects will be distracted by your incessant typing and LOLing.

7. Do not ask your prospects what they need, you tell them what they need. If they tell you flat out that they have no possible current or future need for one of your software’s features, spend several minutes explaining how cool it is anyways. Remember you’re not here to solve their problems, you’re here to make your sales presentation.