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Digital is dead: Lockheed Martin buys first commercial quantum computer

D-Wave sold their first quantum computer to Lockheed Martin (a “security company” apparently, according to the article).  It’s a 128 qubit superconducting processor sitting in a 10 meter square shielded cryogenic chamber. It’s going to be used for “problems that are hard for traditional methods to solve in a cost-effective amount of time. Examples of such problems include software verification and validation, financial risk analysis, affinity mapping and sentiment analysis, object recognition in images, medical imaging classification, compressed sensing and bioinformatics.”

Digital programming is for dinosaurs, quantum programming is the new l33t!  Here’s where you can get started (PhD in theoretical physics not required…but probably recommended):

Replace Photoshop with GIMP

GIMP is a free open source image editing tool.  It has all the features I need from Adobe Photoshop and I’ve found it to be more intuitive to use.  For quick edits such as cropping screenshots + circle/arrow/look-at-this, I use Paint.NET.  For everything else, I use GIMP.  You can download the Windows installer from SourceForge here:

How to eliminate magic strings from Html.DropDownListFor

Magic strings are just nuclear-powered bug magnets. They attract fat-fingering mistakes while coding and practically guarantee bugs will be introduced while refactoring. If you’re like me, you’ll hate the magic strings required in the Html.DropDownListFor as much as I do. Now there’s an easy way to get rid of them once and for all…

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