A rifle instructor knows how dangerous a rifle is and makes sure every one of his riflemen keep their guns pointing down range rather than at each other. Any great team will have an enormous supply of competitive energy, and much like a rifle, this competitive energy can be dangerous to the team if it’s pointed inward.

A key role of a leader is to harness all that hyper-competitive energy and point it down range. A leader needs to make sure competition doesn’t turn inward and become self-destructive, devolving into political infighting. A leader gives his team someone or something outside of the team to focus on and target with their attack energies. A great leader rallies his troops against either a common enemy outside of the organization such as the company’s competitors or on an opportunity for fame and fortune. Team meetings are not about how the team sucks but about how the team can build it’s strength to beat a common enemy and attain glorious victory.