Here’s how to get the Check-In window with the (overwhelmingly preferred) style of Pending Changes (circa VS2010) to work in Visual Studio 2012

This new check-in window is called using the TF.exe’s “checkin” command, but you can create an External Tool to easily call it with a menu shortcut, here’s how you set it up:

Go to Tools –> External Tools… –> Add, with these values:

Title:                      Checkin (or any name that you want displayed in the menu)

Command:          C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\TF.exe (this is the default VS install location on Windows x64)

Arguments:        checkin

Initial directory: $(SolutionDir)

Like this:


Then you call it from Tools –> Checkin, like this:


(Be aware that it takes a few seconds for the window to popup and you won’t get an hourglass or anything telling you it’s launching)