I’ve written about micro generators that harvess ambient energy from their environment, now the first ones are coming to market this summer.

Microgen’s new BOLT MicroPower Generator harvests tiny mechanical vibration and turns it into electrical power stored in ultra-capacitors  or thin-film batteries, effectively creating an infinitely charged battery about the size of today’s coin batteries.

Able generate enough power to replace coin batteries, it can be used in a huge variety of devices.  In an automobile’s tire pressure sensor, for example, this device collects the vibrations from the tires meeting the road and offers unending power for the sensor.  Additional applications include machinery monitoring, lighting control, wireless price tags at stores, and smart utility metering — eliminating the 164 million depleted coin-cell batteries in the U.S. and Europe each year that would otherwise need to be recycled.

Like a windmill snags the breeze, ambient vibration causes the tiny micro flap shown here to swing back and forth. This generates electrical current, which is harvested for the rechargeable thin-film battery.

Output voltage is OCV > 10 Volts, and output power Pload >100 uW @ f1 and G > 1.0 g

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