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We’ll ask for estimates and make them deadlines

We'll ask for estimates and then treat them as deadlines - We'll ask for estimates and then treat them as deadlines  Dr Evil and minions

How to check if nuget package files failed to be added to your checkin (Visual Studio 2013)


TFS Hates Nuget

In Source Control Explorer, go to the packages folder, right-click and Compare server to local to see all the package files that didn’t get checked in.  Ctrl-Click all the files it found locally but not on server and right-click Add, then check in again.

Google Translate for Managementspeak-to-English

From Google:

Our engineers have worked tirelessly for the past two years to fight this epidemic that has plagued efficiency in the business world. Today, we are launching a new alpha feature in Google Apps for Business, Jargon-Bot. Jargon-Bot will automatically detect business jargon or business speak and provide you with real-time translation in plain English. Yes, simple, plain English. Jargon-Bot has been integrated across the entire suite of Google Apps so that next time you are on an IM chat with your manager, it will help you recognize and say no to unrealistic expectations. When you receive an e-mail from your supplier, Jargon-Bot won’t let you get ripped off by demystifying the fine print. And even when you’re on a Google+ Hangout with your accounting team, jargon-bot will be by your side, so you don’t break your e-reader when you have to help “close the books.”

We can only wish…


Google knows about TFS merge tool


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