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3D printed rocket parts

NASA is now using 3D printers to create rocket parts for their new heavy-lift rockets — not model rockets or prototypes, but real rockets that launch massive satellites into orbit and rovers to Mars.   Using lasers to melt alloy powder, NASA engineers manufacture intricate metal parts in an additive process called selective laser melting (SLM).

There are important benefits to using 3D printers:

  • Significantly reduces the manufacturing time required to produce parts from months to days.
  • Build pieces impossible to build any other way.
  • Replaces welding, so the parts are structurally stronger and more reliable, and thus safer.
  • Saves millions in manufacturing costs.

You had me at “building rockets with lasers”

3D printer used to build cyberarms for little girl

3D printer used to build rubberband powered exoskeleton for 2 year old girl born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (or AMC).  Instead of metal, the 3-D printer fabricated the small scaled-down parts out of ABS plastic, which proved sturdy enough to hold up to everyday use.

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