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Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

This short animated whiteboard presentation nails the critical points and subtleties of being an agile product owner.  It includes a nice discussion around the conflict and synergy between “Building the Right Thing”, “Building the Thing Right”, and “Building It Fast”.  If you have any questions about how to excel as a product owner or how your product owner can add value for your team, this video answers it all in less than 15 minutes.


Agile Manifesto for enterprise level companies

Half Arsed Agile Manifesto

Clarity is needed for the success of a software project

Have you ever heard crickets chirping when you announced your product? Sucks, doesn’t it? A lack of enthusiasm from customers or even your own sales team is a sure sign that your product fails to meet demand. While it’s true that a project is a success if it meets the needs and expectations of consumers within the constraints of the project, it is more accurate to say that a project is only considered a success if it’s perceived as a success. In order to have your project perceived as a success, you need to manage expectations. And the way to manage expectations is with clarity. A successful project needs everyone involved with the project to have a clear purpose, clear priorities, clear use-cases, clear estimates, and a clear understanding of dependencies and uncertainty. Fully expanding these points could easily fill entire articles (or books), but here’s a basic recipe for making a software project successful.

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