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Run web apps in localhost without having to run Visual Studio in admin mode

If you want to run your apps in localhost through IIS Express without having to launch Visual Studio in admin mode every time, run this one-time command through an admin-elevated cmd (replacing your app name and port):

>netsh http add urlacl url=http://localhost.myapp.com:1337/ user=everyone

Now you can launch Visual Studio in normal mode and when you Ctrl-F5, you won’t get a “failed to register url” error.

Replace cmd with Console2

Scott Hanselman has a great post on how to set up a better cmd, powershell, and vscommand all-in-one console with separate tabs.  The upgraded console lets you copy & paste like a normal person, let’s you set default directories, and even resizes in both directions! Here’s my setup in retro green-on-black. (Notice the cmd, Powershell, and VSCommand icons in the tabs)


Here’s how you do it:

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