1. Create a directory for your project (e.g. “hello”). 2. In this directory, create a hello.py file with this code:

  from flask import Flask
  app = Flask(__name__)

  def hello():
      return "Hello World!"

  if __name__ == "__main__":

3. Download and install latest setuptools for your version of python.
4. Download latest flask, werkzeug, and jinja2, and decompress each in their own directory in your hello project like this:


Note: Make sure the files are decompressed so the setup.py is in the root of each folder.

5. In the cmd shell for your hello project, run

  easy_install Flask

6. Then

  python hello.py

7. if all is well, you should see

  * Running on

8. Finally, you should see “Hello World!” in your browser at