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Replace Photoshop with GIMP

GIMP is a free open source image editing tool.  It has all the features I need from Adobe Photoshop and I’ve found it to be more intuitive to use.  For quick edits such as cropping screenshots + circle/arrow/look-at-this, I use Paint.NET.  For everything else, I use GIMP.  You can download the Windows installer from SourceForge here:  gimp-win.sourceforge.net

SQuirreL tip: How to show only the “dbo” tables, views, and procedures

If you’re like me, you quickly got tired of scrolling down to the (lowercase) dbo object in your SQuirreL database browser every time you open the app. If you want to only see tables/views/procedures for “dbo” and save a lot of load time, right click on your Alias (e.g. “mydev”) in the left hand Aliases tab, select “Modify Alias”, hit the “Properties” button, then in the Schemas tab select “Specify Schema loading and caching”, change the Set [All Objects] in all Schemas to [Don’t load], hit “Apply”, then scroll to the “dbo” row and change the Tables, Views, and Procedures selections to “Load but don’t cache”. Hit Ok, then Ok. Now every time you connect to your database, you will only see the dbo object under your database object and the schema will load a lot faster.

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